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ECH-P 環保陶瓷油漆 / ECH-P ECO Ceramic Paint

ECH-P 環保陶瓷油漆

ECH-P ECO Ceramic Paint


  • 超強耐候性能 
    • 由於無機礦物成分的特性,在自然環境中不會形成衰退現象,因此造就絕佳的耐候性能,對於環境中的高溫、酷寒、酸蝕、風蝕現象皆不會造成龜裂、剝離、脫落與粉化,可長時間在嚴苛的環境下保護鋼鐵材料。 

  • 別人怕火我不怕 

    • 在連續72小時,攝氏650度高溫環境下,以及瞬間高溫超過攝氏1100度燃燒300秒後,外觀完全無異狀。 一般樹脂成分的鋅粉漆,在高溫超過350~400度之後即開始出現起泡、膨脹、龜裂、剝落或溶解等現象。

  • 防鏽性能一等一

    • 在漆膜不被破壞情形下,理論上最高防鏽保護可達50年。實際上,鹽霧實驗時數已超越6000小時,外觀狀態仍可保持良好無異狀。

  • Superior weather resistance

    • Due to the nature of the inorganic mineral component in the natural environment will not form a recession, therefore creating an excellent weathering performance, for the environment, heat, cold, acid, weathering phenomena are not cause cracking, peeling, shedding and pink oriented, long steel materials protection in harsh environments.

  • Resistence to fire?
    • In continuous 72 hours, 650 degrees Celsius temperature environment, as well as instantaneous combustion temperature exceeds 1100 degrees Celsius after 300 seconds, the appearance of completely abnormal. No any foaming, swelling, cracking, peeling or dissolution appear. 

  •  The best rust resistance
    • In the case of the film is not destroyed the number of hours salt spray test has exceeded 6000 hours, the state can still maintain a good appearance without abnormal.



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