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ECH-A 環保節能重油設備 Nano fuel processing equipment
ECH-A Nano fuel processing equipment

Main Function

製造油水混合環保節能重油。 (無需添加乳化劑) 
Water-in-oil Nano fuel production. (DO NOT need emulsifying additive)


「ECH-A環保節能重油設備」裝設於鍋爐的前端,是從源頭處理的燃燒前處理,沒有二次汙染,此設備可將重油與水完全包覆,均質序化完全,其油粒顆粒大小只有2μm~5μm,能使其油水不分離,讓水分子產生全面微爆,燃燒狀況穩定,進行高效率的二次霧化,這種借助水 (100 ℃)重油(260 ℃)氣化點的差異可將油粒子再次霧化成更小油粒子,促進完全燃燒,能夠大幅降低空污排放,鍋爐不易積碳亦可節省燃料油10%以上。在「ECH-A環保節能重油設備」導入類似「選擇性非觸媒還原法(SNCR)」脫硝方式與在鍋爐後端煙道加裝「脫硫設備」即可達到環保局最新制訂的「鍋爐空氣污染物排放標準」。

ECH-A 環保節能重油設備特色:

  • 降低空汙排放,尾端加裝煙道防制設備可達加嚴排放標準
  • 不需添加乳化劑(化學添加劑)
  • 節能燃料重油10% 以上
  • 減少鍋爐維修成本,租賃費用不高
  • 可加水或工業廢水,可處理有機溶劑
  • 符合歐規CE安全認證
  • 人機介面操作簡單,安裝簡便
  • 線上連續供油(2010年開始使用)


By adding 10%-25% water into heavy oil, this Nano Fuel Processing equipment mixes water and oil to become small water-in-oil molecules (Nano fuel). The Nano fuel was sent to combustion chamber (broiler) then the combustion will start the 1st nebulization. After the 1st nebulization, the fuel molecules will vapor and turn into even smaller micro-molecules(2μm~5μm) and then burst out as so called the 2nd nebulization. The Nano fuel after 2nd nebulization will be combusted completely. The results are increasing fuel efficiency, reducing air pollution and decreasing broiler erosion.

ECH-A fuel Advantages:

Energy saving machine system

→solve the problems of oil over-consumption, black smoke emission, equipment maintenance…etc.

  • Reduce the use amount of fuel by 10% and up.
  • CPC Corporation No. 6 heavy oil as the basis
    --> effectively reducing the cost of oil fuel by 10 %- 15%(estimation)

(3)Reduce the broiler maintenance cost and increase its service life.

   (For example: the boiler’s cleaning only 1-2 times a year.)

(4)Reduce air pollution tax and waste gas emission by over 20%.

(5)Reduce black smoke emission due to incomplete combustion.

(6)Reduce waste gas and aerosol, CO?, nitrogen oxides, CO.

(7)Reduce the amount of sulfuric acid and effectively eliminate vanadium-containing compounds and cokes/ashes deposition in boilers and furnaces.

(8) No chemical emulsify additives are needed.

(9) Reached the requirement of CE safety certificate.

(10) Machine is controlled by operation panel, easy operation.

(11) On-line Nano fuel supply started from 2010.

Physical (m)

2m X 1.5m X 1.8m


3m X 2.2m X 1.8m
(L X D X H)


1 person
Fraction of water-in-oil
0 ~ 40% 產能
1hr/ 30L~1hr/ 2000L

220V、60Hz、8.0Kw(Option:380V or 440V)



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